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OKC Twister Cab Gets You Where You’re Going

(405) 933-8450

OKC Twister Cab has been providing a Safe, Clean, and Reliable service to the Oklahoma Area.

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OKC Twister Cab Fare Calculation

What Do We Offer?

OKC Twister Cab offers a fast, clean, reliable, dependable service, managed by professional and trained drivers. OKC Twister Cab takes care of your safety and comfort. Our taxis provide assistance all day, every day and walking around with OKC Twister Cab is simple. You can stop a taxi, find us in a taxi stand, like the stands of most airports, or call us and ask to be picked up. Reservations can be made 24 hours a day, seven days a week through our operators and professional shippers.



  1. Security is our number one core value. 2. We are uncompromising in our commitment to the health and safety of our customers. 3. Our drivers are experienced and experienced to make your travel experience relaxing and stress-free.


  1. Our drivers are always professional and reliable. 2.  We strive to ensure quality and inspire trust among our customers in the hope that we will be your first and only choice when it comes to luxury travel.


  1. We are passionate about everything we do. 2. We guarantee the highest standards of excellence to make our customer experience unforgettable. 3. We aspire to continuously improve our customers’ experiences to offer the best luxury transportation services on the east coast.
OKC Twister Cab Rates
Metro Rates:

Flag Fee: $1.00

Per Miles: $2.45

Ex Pass: $1.00

Wait Time: $30.00

Airport Rates: 

Flag Fee: $5.00

Per Mile: $3.50

Ex Pass: $2.00

Wait Time: $30.00

If you want to pay for our service, please click on Pay Now Button on the right side. Thank you for choosing us!

At OKC Twister Cab we thrive to provide fast, quick, 24 hours service. Count OKC Twister Cab on your side when you need a ride.

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