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Socail / Party


Why entrust your friends to lend you a ride when you have to attend a late-night event when you get back from one when we at OKC Twister Cab covered you? We will make sure you have our best and most luxurious car for late-night fantasy events so you not only witness your party without stress but also get to them with style and safety without having to drive alone.


Tired of getting late to events like Weddings? Do you want to get there as fast as you can without ruining your clothes or makeup because of a bad run?

Well, we want it for you too. For this reason, our timely and efficient taxi service will ensure you arrive on time and with the meticulous driving of your driver, you will arrive there looking at exactly how you left the house. Driving to a party alone will keep you stressed out because you do not want to be late and stress can be problematic for your overall attire, our drivers understand it and therefore, will make sure you get to the place on time and see your loved ones they tie the knot. We guarantee your relaxation and comfort by ensuring that you do not arrive late.


Birthdays are special events that should be spent on luxury rides with a ride in our luxury taxis, there is a pre-birthday gift for yourself. You can use any vehicle in our wide range of exotic vehicles to get to your birthday event because you have to stand out from the crowd; after all, it’s your special day. We can pick you up and leave you for any part of Oklahoma. Our special touch of luxury for high-quality cabs will make your birthday the best day of your life.


When you need to go to a casino, it is important to arrive at your destination in style. We are well prepared to make sure we do a show when you arrive and let everyone know that the ace of spades has arrived. Our luxurious and well-maintained cabins are designed specifically for those occasions when you need to feel confined and get out of these sumptuous vehicles will surely make you feel at the top of the world. Seeing you arrive in an extravagant vehicle will not only intimidate your competitors but will also leave a lasting impression on them.


Gameday? No problem our driver will pick you up and drop you off in Chesapeake Arena (Where Thunder Play) and can drop you off safely at your home.

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